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tv   Treasure Island Development Agency  SFGTV  February 17, 2020 7:00am-9:31am PST

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so i have so stay is an i feel like the piano and music in general with my voice together i feel really powerful and strong >> clerk: item number 1, call to order. [roll call] >> clerk: we do have a quorum. >> good afternoon, everybody. happy lunar new year, and happy valentine's at the end of the week. it's a beautiful afternoon, and thank you for coming. so we'll go onto the first
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item, please. >> clerk: item number 2, general public comment. this item is to allow members of the public to address the treasure island development board on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the treasure island development board that do not appear on the agenda. you will hear a single chime when there are 30 seconds remaining. please state your name and the organization you are representing, if any, for the record. >> are there any members of the public who would like to address the board? >> yes. i'm here to challenge this board that was put together by the former mayor, willie brown, to develop a former radio
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active site. there's corruption here, and when we talk about corruption in the city and county of san francisco, we have to look at this commission and at this whole project, and at robert beck, the director because there has been a cover up at treasure island. students have got sick, people have got sick, families have got sick. there's radio active material that has been found there and been hidden. why are you developing it? what's behind it? what's behind this is the billionaires in san francisco that want condos in san francisco. it's a privatization, gentrification scam on the backs of poor people and minority, and i think there has to be a criminal investigation of treasure island because you
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have people on the board, the governor -- of the department of public health who's supposed to be protecting health and safety. there's been no protection of health and safety of the people at treasure island. there's been no investigation of the people who have been hurt at treasure island. why not? does it have to do with the fact that nancy pelosi wants this development to go forward? does it have anything to do with the fact that kamala harris wants this to go forward? the latest outrageous action is to say you should open up the treasure island elementary school, which children were getting sick there, teachers were getting sick there, and
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you should put a privatized school there where people would getting sick. it's contemptible you would put children on a school that was closed because kids were getting sick from the contamination at treasure island. what kind of a commission is this? it's a scandal on the people of san francisco and the children who have gotten all kinds of injuries, sick injuries because of being put on a radio active dump site. i suggest you all resign. i suggest there be a criminal investigation, federal investigation of robert beck and the people who put this development forward. you need to be investigated. >> next speaker, please. >> yes. my name's elizabeth milos. i'm a resident of san francisco
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and i'm also a mother, and i find it abhorrent to see that you would consider having a school or any kind of school on a contaminated nuclear site or any business, actually. this is going to come back to bite you in the butt. what happens is the news comes out sooner or later. it's like what happened in flin flint. i'm not sure that san francisco would be able to live down something like what happened in flint, criminal negligence toward our own children. none of you -- you will be basically be exposed to being sued, and rightfully so by the mothers and the children exposed because of your negligence, your criminal negligence.
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so i -- i agree with steve. you guys really need to either resign or change drastically your positions because these people are not going to stay silent. the parents are not going to stay silent about this. >> good afternoon. my name is riva antine, and i'm a retired social worker for the city and county of san francisco, and i was based in the bayview, which we know, of course, was another super fund site. i was working there in the city, and the city said it really doesn't like to provide water for the employees, but you're drinking from the tap, so we'll bring water in for you. and we were working with at-risk kids going to school
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and walking home, and worried about the water. i think city steve used a very powerful word, contemptible. it's contemptible raising money off the backs of children. do we want to be compared to flint? we do not want san francisco to go down as another city that's knowingly, complicitily poisoning our children. i hope you do the right thing. thank you very much. >> commissioners, my name is francisco decosta, and i represent the first people of san francisco. the ohlone people did not exercise its right of first
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refusal on treasure island because it's man made, but as you've heard today, it's very, very, very contaminated. so relatively speaking, we have a law, an ordinance. it's called the precautionary principle. if you read the precautionary principle, none of you would be on the commission. i know some of you. nobody is telling you the truth. treasure island is a cess pool, much like the bayview. you have to be educated to understand about radio active elements. we must not put any life, any life on treasure island, even animals. if you don't get that through, then i don't know because it's been stated. we know about the population of this city, its rich saturation
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fault. we know about our mayors. they play second fiddle to lennar. i speak truth to power. some of you i know. i know who some of you am. i speak truth to power. how can you put children in a school on treasure island? how can you put -- somebody was telling me oh, you know, the school is going to be for some -- the juvenile youth system. come on, come on. we must -- no human being should be on treasure island. now, if you read the documents -- that's if you have access to the documents, it was always called treasure island hunters point annex.
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what does that mean? treasure island as well as hunters point was used for all sorts of experiments by the navy. i know so. in 1991, an engineer, chuck swanson and myself, we did the entire survey of treasure island. i know exactly -- i have empirical data. not only that, i have the ability to provide some of you with that empirical data. do not put any life on treasure island. thank you very much. [applause] >> are there any others who want to address the board, please come up now? okay. hearing none, next item, please. >> item number 3, report by
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treasure island director. >> thank you, chair tsen and members of the board. this past month has been a busy one for one treasure island. they began two weeks ago with their most recent cycle of their construction training program with a class graduating in march. also, at the first of this month, they began their complimentary tax preparation services for on-island residents, and last week, they organized a visit for residents to the young museum as part of their black history month programming. also, coming up on saturday, march 14, the san francisco public library is sponsoring a free day tour to alcatraz and their families, which included a round ferry ride from the waterfront and an alcatraz
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tour. to rsvp, the residents should contact the book mobile during its weekly visits on tuesdays and thursdays. in february, information for new resident packages was going forward, including the new schedule of tida meetings, as well as address of webpages on-line. we've been doing tree pruning to protect power lines. we had a few trees come down,
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one eucalyptus on yerba buena island, and a couple more come down in high winds. ccdc and swords to plowshares are looking to finalize their loan agreement with the expectation of breaking ground as soon as they're able to close the financing. and ticd is working to ensure that the infrastructure is developed on timelines to serve the project when it's completed. mercy and catholic charities are -- continue their predevelopment efforts with the expectation of breaking down next year. two weeks ago, we presented, along with the office on public finance --
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[inaudible] >> -- the precursor to going to the office for finalization. in terms of construction, the vibro compaction began last week. we're on schedule to improve that site and provide the new upgraded switch gear by the end of this year. the in-water work on the ferry terminal is on hold as required by their army corps permit until june. the contractor is continuing to do work on the land side in preparation for the ferry terminal. the last areas of subphase one on treasure island north of clipper cove are all under surcharge now, and tida staff
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is working in the subphase three area. and a reminder for members of the audience that our march meeting will be an off-site meeting. >> thank you. any questions from directors? >> bob, just a couple of questions about the information contained in your director's update. there were notes in that report citing many calls and e-mails for this month as part of their work. just wondering how many calls. i think i counted five. and then, the second question is the log office says that tida staff actually delivered the door hangers and i was
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actually wondering is that part of the skills board or does it fall within tida's responsibilities? >> we actually had the maintenance for john stewart prepare the door hangers, and so they had them produced and delivered, and we had maintenance staff deliver them. in terms of exact counts, i would have to confirm that. but the notice did go out following the december meeting to post d.d.a. residents of their new options as well as premarketing. and i know that t.i. advisors had some response to that notice for people seeking additional information. >> okay. great. i would love some follow up information about that. >> yeah. i'll get you some presizcise
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numbers on that. >> and i believe there's an item on the agenda about existing projects. next item, please. >> item 4, communications from and received by tida. >> are there any comments? next item. >> item 5, ongoing business by board of directors. [inaudible] >> -- i have a comment on that. there's a lawsuit filed by workers on treasure island and residents of treasure island. there are tenants there. they were never informed that it was a nuclear dumping site by the department of the navy, and a lawsuit was filed in the county of san francisco by them. has this board been informed?
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any comment about the lawsuit that was filed saying that thousands of people had been harmed because of the radio active material on the island? or maybe that's inc inconsequential. >> what's your name? >> steve, citizens for action. >> we are aware of the lawsuit. >> this isn't a closed session issue. the fact that people are being contaminated and getting sickened by radio active material on the island. are we going to spend millions of dollars on lawyers -- [inaudible] >> it's public comment. i have three minutes. you shut off my public comment
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illegally. so this isn't a closed issue, and i think it shows the contempt you have for the residents of treasure island. you've been sued because people have gotten radio active diseases, cancers. the kids have gotten contaminates and have all kinds of diseases, but apparently, it's not in your report. i wonder why? i wonder why the director, robert beck, does not have it in his report, and you shut my mic off. are you concerned that children have been contaminated on the island? i don't think so. that's not your agenda. your agenda is to build condos on the island. the people that have been harmed from radio active material, that's not part of your agenda.
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have you ever had a heard about people who have gotten sick on treasure island? have you ever done that? many people getting sick on the island. have you ever had a hearing on that? no, because that's not your real agenda. your real agenda is to be corporatized for your own profit. >> next item. >> item 5, ongoing business by board of directors. >> i'm not sure if it's the time to bring this up, but i was wondering if we were going to have a presentation from pg&e trying to find the fault of who cut the energy lines, right? they were saying that there was construction done and p.c.
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lines were cut, and potentially there could be revenue help for residents on the island. i wonder if there was anything going on on that. >> i will have to check with the city attorney's office on that investigation. >> okay. thank you for bringing that up, commission commissioner. this is for ongoing business. >> this relates to that issue. my name is misha eshwali. when treasure island was cleaned up after the exposure, there was a huge festival, and many music venues. i went out there on a boat with many other people to celebrate,
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and i went to -- the labor community had a festival at one of the venues, which was an old ballpark, and it was a warm day. i was -- you know, there was a lot of music. i was sweaty, i kicked off my shoes on, and about halfway through the day, i suddenly got dizzy and really nauseous, and basically, i had to be emergency -- evacuated in an ambulance off the island and taken to general hospital. i couldn't standup. it was really scary. i felt like my whole body was being drained of energy, and they couldn't -- eventually, i recovered. i stayed overnight at the -- at general hospital. they couldn't figure out what was the matter with me and what had occurred. and it wasn't until later on, when i was talking to a friend who had been contaminated from
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an air base in new mexico, and she told me -- she said that's the exact same thing that happened to me, and it was chemical -- you know, radiation or contamination, from being exposed too closely and absorbing it through my sweat. just the fact that you were to allow more children out there in a school and to not take the necessity to totally cleanup that place, it's unconscionable to me that you would have this knowledge that knees kinds of things happen and yet do anything about it, ignore it. and to me, i mean, that's a mental health condition, ignoring science, ignoring people's pleas. so i really hope you'll think about this deeply because it
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happened to me. >> let me just say that it's very difficult to remain silent and not respond to the comments that you have made before us, accusing us of not being uncaring when we are in fact very concerned about the island, and we are doing our civic duty to undertake the remediation of the island to make sure that the process is done properly. we do have processes that we have to review, the state, and the city, the d.c.s. of the city and the department of public health. but we are looking at this issue, and this lawsuit which
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has come before us, but we can go on now. next item. >> item number 6, consent agenda. all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent agenda are considered to be routine by the authority board and will be acted upon by a single vote of the authority board. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the authority board so requests, in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent agenda and considered as a separate item. approved the minutes of the january 8, 2020 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second. all those in favor? opposed? next item, please. >> item 7, resolution approving and authorizing the execution of lease with the san francisco
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unified school district to develop a charter school located at buildings 33 f and g, treasure island. >> the school district operated the treasure island elementary school beginning in the 1960s. the elementary school not only served children on treasure island but some other areas of -- but from other areas of san francisco, including districts 3 and 5. on may 29, 2015, the navy transferred all of its property on yerba buena island and portions of treasure island to tida, which included the school site. the school district's proposed premise is within an area planned for the future school site which calls for the development or refurbishment of
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the current school into a k through 5 or k through 8 school during development. tida calls for the improvement to the school prior to the issuance to build the 2500 residential unit. in november 2019, the school district approached tida about developing a charter school on treasure island, use liesing buildings 33 f and g, at the former -- utilizing buildings 33 f and g, at the former school site on the island. the school district is
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requesting a lease at no cost, which would allow them to maintain and utilize the premise as a charter school. given the community benefits associated with the use, the school district will be provided space on treasure island as no base rent, provided they assume all responsibility for maintenance and repairs along with all utility-related expenses. with that, i ask chief facilities officer of the school district to come up and say a few words about the charter program. >> directors, thank you so much for making time for us today. my name is dawn, and i'm the chief facilities officer at the san francisco unified school district. i want to talk today a little bit -- i'm also joined by my colleague mike davis who is director of policy and planning of charter schools in san francisco unified school district and we're both here to
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answer any questions. i wanted to start off by providing a little bit of framing of what seems a very simple individual transaction, but i think it presents a bigger picture of what we're trying to move to as a school district over the next decade. i think it's wisely understood that for many decades, sfusd was experiencing declining enrollment, but as we look at the projected growth for the eastern side of the city, sfusd is very clear on the fact that we will need to acquire new or expand existing facilities to accommodate growth over the next 20 years. so that is leading us to think about a number of opportunities for expansion. most notably underway right now is planning for a new mission bay campus, which is slated to
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open august 2025, but we're fully intending to exercise our option, so to speak, to think about a campus at treasure island as well as to think about campuses in the southeast broadly to serve our student population. what we've learned -- so we are now about 1.5 years deep into full-time planning for mission bay, and what we've learned is that even with that school opening in august 2025, i wish we had started earlier. and so in particular, this site represents for us, and this move kind of represents an important first baby set towards refamiliarizing ourselves with the property, how it might be able to serve our longer term uses, and how it might make us think about our longer term planning. with mission bay, we've learned that there's been an incredible lead time around looking at our
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social site conditions and developing an instructional program and an instructional vision for a school and then designing a building and a facility to support that instructional vision. so you're almost going through two design phases, one for the school, and then an instruction that supports that vision. sfusd also has currently a legal mandate to provide housing, you know, housing for charter schools in san francisco. because of the way that sfusd's real estate is currently configured, that means we go through an annual shuffle that is oftentimes frustrating for
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multiple parties as we try and locate balance and opportunities to engage in a very delicate balancing act, including not just the families who participate in the charter schools, but also those families that are served by sfusd public schools right now and that attend those campuses. it's also good to know and i hope helpful as members for you to understand that these charter schools are not constrained enrollment, and that they are open enrollment to san francisco residents, not
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constrained to specific residents or demographics, but it can serve to anyone who can get to them. it's a very broad definition of enrollment. so as we think about this charter school and other charter schools in the future, and as we begin to ramp up and hopefully figure more pods for our youth, these programs are able to benefit residents of the island and families of the island. so again, with that, i'm happy to take any questions. my colleague, mike davis is here. we're happy to talk more about the specific program of the charter schools or sfusd's needs at large, but we're very excited about this first step. when i reached out to bob, initially, it was to introduce myself and look at ways how to utilize the site and how sfusd could get a jump on figuring out how this site could serve
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treasure island and also san francisco residents. >> mr. davis, did you want to address the board? >> thank you, madam director and directors. one of the duties is making sure we meet the legal mandate to charter schools that operate within the district. so we have identified this space on treasure island as a facility that can meet the needs of a specific charter school. on february 1 of this year, we did make an offer to occupy this space next year. >> thank you. this is -- did you need to -- >> just -- with that, i would just like to say that staff is requesting to move forward with the requested lease, and we're all available to answer any
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questions. >> good. this is an action item, and actually, before we open it up to the board, i'd like to have public comment from the audience. >> excuse me, i'd like to comment on this. my name is elizabeth milo. i'm a member, a mother, and i'm an interpreter in the ucsf medical center. i just can't believe that people who have the responsibility of taking care of children would knowingly put children at risk in this way. now, i have to say that the -- what i understand is the charter schools don't have to follow the field act, right? they're exempt from the field act, the one that protects children from contamination, if i'm not mistaken, and maybe that's the reason they're
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putting a charter school there as opposed to a regular public school because only a charter school would be able to do an end run around the requirement to protect children. this is very blatant. it's a very blatant way of supposedly on the one hand trying to serve children in san francisco. children could be served much better in san francisco if we stopped defunding public education and stopped following the policies of don fisher and company, the gap, which is one of the main proponents of charter schools, and provide the protections that children are required by law to be protected by elected officials, such as the field act. so i'm wondering -- i have a question. how does -- you know, whether -- i have a question for the director of charter schools here, who's present
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here. is there a complaint here? i doubt it. i'm very concerned that this is a way that they're basically getting an end run around a way to protect children. this lawsuit will not protect the city, and i'm a taxpayer. i'm a taxpayer who's going to end up having to payout of my pocket for your mistakes. >> okay. any other members wishing to address the board? >> my name is kazi tory, resident of san francisco. the thing that i don't understand used to be -- the school closed, and that building. from what i understand, the building was closed because the
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children are getting sick, the place is contaminated. whatever the reason -- that's at least what i heard, but that place was closed to protect the children. now you are trying to -- the building is still the same building, nothing's done, and to try to put charter school there. do you think the charter school children, the different d.n.a. from other public school children, so they are not affected by radiation? the sfusd and tida and the city officials, they think it's okay. now why it was closed before? if it was safe, they should have kept the public school,
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paid by our tax money instead of opening up a charter school, taking tax money, sucking in for their own benefit, and allow a charter school there. i don't completely understand that. if that's okay, then bring back that public school back there, not the charter school, if it's safe and it's necessary and good for the children, bring back the public school that used to be there. not the charter school to suck our tax money. >> seeing no others -- >> yeah. steve zelser, united citizens for action. i think this action is putting a charter school on a dump site is an outrage to the people of san francisco and the children
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that have been contaminated. the reason there is a lawsuit is because children were contaminated at the school. that's one of the reason they closed the school. don't you get it? in fact reuters had a report. the department of the navy said it was contaminated. that site was the same as when kids were getting sick there. it's factual. radio active material damages children. i don't think you understand that apparently or you're more interested in developing condos. i think it's criminal negligence because there's been many reports, factual reports about the fact that the island is contaminated. people, residents, children have gotten sick there. and yet you're going to go ahead and build a charter school on a site that people were getting sick. who are you?
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what kind of people do you represent? it's an outrage, and the people of san francisco know now that the corruption that's going on in san francisco, it's not just with the d.p.w. aimee brownell is an employee with the department of public health. you know who pays her bills? lennar. she was the one telling people in san francisco they could buy homes because it was safe. she was a part of the corruption. and you, if you approve this, are a part of the corruption. i'm sure you read the article that she was paid by lennar. there was a ship, pandemonium, where they were training navy workers on how to deal with a nuclear blast. why would you want to have a
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charter school on a super fund site. why? who's pushing this? what's behind this? this is what the people of san francisco are asking, and the district attorney of san francisco should be investigating this, the corruption and the development of san francisco because it's criminal. and now you want to put kids on a charter school in treasure island? you know, right now, we were out there, and the dust is flying around at this other charter school. kids are being contaminated. has that been reported on by robert beck, the developer? have kids been contaminated out there? has that been reported on? hell no. send them to treasure island because they're average working class americans, african americans. you're racists, as well. >> okay.
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that's the end of public comment. i'll open it up to commissioner comments. director richardson. >> at the end of the last meeting, this item was not calendared. it was just an introduction that this matter would be on the calendar today, so this is the first time that we are privileged to ask questions. but i want to start, you know, listening to the audience. my background is environmental justice. i spent decades in san francisco, well known environmental justice. you are looking at someone here, decades, well recognized and well regarded, so i'm very,
7:44 am
very versed and familiar with that. the question we have today, we know that san francisco unified school district for decades has these crazy statistics of being a huge disparity in the achievement gap over the decades. myself and people like myself live in the bayview-hunters point and throughout the city have appeared before the school board, advocating for all kinds of educational program. you know what? the city and county of san francisco hosted a citywide workshop in the city of san francisco. and i want to tell you that an idea came out of that. when your board members and i went to that meeting, working with the assistant superintendent guadalupe gomez,
7:45 am
working on a pilot that is still in six school districts, and it's still in existence. not only have i been a long time advocate of the unified school district, and i am still an advocate of the san francisco unified school district. but i am still supportive of charter school, and i am still doing that. the matter, since the matter was calendared for public notice, there's been a lot of calls, and i got quite a few. i was at the town center, and many parents in the bayview-hunters point wanted to ask me because they said that
7:46 am
the keeffe academy was going to be pushed out of the school district. well, that's not the matter on my calendar. the matter on my calendar says to grant a charter school, which i technically support. so now, i want mr. davis and miss young, you know me because a few months ago, i was with the san francisco unified school district with several hundred african american, latino students, trying to convince the school board, you, mr. davis, and your trustee to grant an extension for the keeffe academy for bayview. i've never been to any meeting where the school board was adamant, and i know you supported that. by a bare margin, the charter
7:47 am
school was granted their certification. i want you on record, what are you establishing a new charter school in -- on treasure island? help us to answer that, and is it true that the bayview keeffe academy -- again, the students, most of the parents are watching -- it's being disclosed, it's going around the community. you need to help us. and i want you to tell this board why your board reluctantly certified that had the support of the community. what they told me was being kicked out of treasure island. this is an established school that has supported at risk parents, parents from the
7:48 am
neighborhood that can work to their neighborhood, and it's taken decades and years to build to that level. i'd like you to answer that because i'm looking to you to support the charter school. but on the one hand, the keeffe academy is where my people, the parents are, and i need you to help me out. >> thank you, director richardson. let me clear this up. you are correct that kip academy, which is a bayview charter school, was renewed again a couple of months ago, that is not the school that we're talking about.
7:49 am
we're talking about the kip bayview elementary school, which was not authorized by our board, but was authorized by the state board of education. in my role, i'm simply doing my duty to provide state housing for that charter school, which is now colocated with malcolm x academy in the bayview. >> so it's still kip bayview. >> kip bayview elementary. >> and the last time, you know, there was almost 300 people in attendance. so you also have a lot of vacant properties. you have a lot of vacant properties in the bayview. and the question that i'm being asked -- and this is being taped -- is if the parents are at risk, they live in the
7:50 am
projects, in the development, these are kids in the neighborhood that are out there, and that's that particular school that you are now into -- again, for the record, i have serious reservations about that. thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> mr. dunlop? >> thank you. i'm certainly pleased to hear from the parents and residents about the proposed charter school on treasure island. we as a commission or board have been working on this issue for literally decades now. i live there. i find it to be a pretty
7:51 am
marvelous place. i don't go at night. i just got back from my doctor, who has found me in great shape. one of the speakers asked mr. beck about the poison of the children that are currently there, getting atomic dust or poison dust. i'd like to ask mr. beck if that is indeed the case, how many children have you had that have now come down with radiation poisoning? >> i'm not aware of any. >> that's what i thought. there's been tons of work since it was closed at the island. yes, there is parts here, there, little parts that aren't near where the school is that
7:52 am
are being cleaned up. and the amount of cleaning that they've done are a minuscule part because i live there, and i've lived there 24-7. i think the island is safe. i don't think anybody on this commission would dare put a child of san francisco on a poison island. what we need is inventive schools, charter schools. we are desperate for that, and this is intentionally -- it is not a done deal. there's going to be a lot more
7:53 am
work done, but this is something that can add to our city and city education. i w and nothing can take it away. i was offended by the racism comment. there certainly is racism that goes on, but this commission cares much for that issue, and i'm just personally offended by anybody accusing me personally of participating in environmental racism. thank you. >> thank you. miss fei? >> okay. thank you. maybe before i go into my questions, which i will try to stick with, clarification questions, as much as possible,
7:54 am
we, none of us here are going to be subject matter experts on every single discipline. we do rely on experts that have been cast to weigh-in and make evaluations on the scientific data, and we can only base our decisions and comments off of the facts that have been presented to us. so with that said, you know, the item before us is basically an evaluation on whether or not a lease should be granted to a charter school use in the terms that are presented in the lease agreement. you know, my questions will follow that -- that ones -- first of all, my understanding, and i would love some clarification here because i'm not in the education field, that charter school is a public school and has to adhere to sfusd's policies, including subject to the same diversity and equity requirements.
7:55 am
is that factual? >> charter schools are public schools. they have to adhere to the terms of their charter petition, and the charter petition could be approved locally or by the state board of education. so per the education code, yes, many of the same requirements imposed on public schools are imposed on charter schools. >> and then, are the charters reviewed by the school board themselves or how does that go? >> they are reviewed and approved by the local school board. if they're not approved, they can appeal to the state board of education. >> and then, i had a question about the lease structure. i just wanted to understand why the building f term is such a short-term lease, and the building g is a long-term
7:56 am
lease. >> sure. building f is basically the area where araceli is located, and then, the g pod is where sfpd, the training facility is located. so the f pod is basically almost turn key, somewhat ready to go. however, the g location occupied by sfpd needs some work. so i believe we talked about probably in the next year or so, that that facility would be renovated and upgraded for the expansion of that premises. >> so does it mean the existing araceli's lease. >> no. araceli will continue on. the premises will be behind araceli's restaurant. so araceli and the church that occupies the auditorium will
7:57 am
remain. >> and i believe the charter school and sfusd has reviewed the lease information and feel comfortable that the -- the description of their intended operation. i notice it talks about classroom space but it doesn't go into other discussion about ancillary spaces, like cafeterias or auditoriums. >> i'll speak from tida's perspective. i believe it's broad enough that it allows them to operate their charter program. >> i would like a refinement in the office designation to be in support of ancillary or school functions, just to be clear because we have in the island,
7:58 am
very specific numbers anticipated used for the island in general. >> we can do that. >> great. and then, in transportation for the school, intended charter school, i want a little bit more background around who or where we think the student population will be coming from and what is the plan for transporting students on and off the island. >> so two things. one, the charter school itself is responsible for providing transportation services in the manner that is approved by the state board of education and by their charter petition. and by their rules of operation. and the second question was -- >> i think that was the second question. >> okay. i'm sorry. what was the first question? >> no.
7:59 am
i just want to where the students are coming from. i think there's a lottery and a very complex method, but i would like to understand that because from director richardson's comment, it sounds like you're expecting a lot of families to travel from the bayview to treasure island. i'm trying to understand the transit pattern because there's not a lot of ways to get to the island from bayview from my understanding. >> so what we're doing is providing under the provisions of proposition 39-2000, educational abilities for this charter school. we have to go through a process where the school projects the
8:00 am
number of students as determined by average daily attendance, of district residents that will attend the school. and once we agree on that number, then, we provide classroom spaces for that number. this school is projecting they will have 116 san francisco students in that school next year, so we have provided space for them. i think as was mentioned before, charter schools in california may draw enrollment from anywhere in california where the students can reasonably get to the school. typically, this school and others situated like it will have 95% at least of their student body coming from within san francisco.
8:01 am
and just as you mentioned, we have a district wise school choice system, and parents are tasked with getting their children to school where they opt for placement. the charter school operates the same way. >> personally, i don't think it's really there to expect families to, on their own, have to figure out -- it's all on the families to figure that out. that's just my personal opinion on that. so it sounds like there is an approval process to either review and approve and deny the charter itself. am i hearing correctly in the dialogue with commissioner richardson that the school board denied the charter and so then they sought the approval from the state level? >> yeah. so the san francisco unified school district currently
8:02 am
authorizes two kip charter schools, one high school, and one elementary schoocharter sc. the -- one high school, and one elementary school. the school board originally denied the permit for the elementary school and then granted it. >> directors, i want to clarify. this is an agreement between tida and sfusd starting a long-term relationship around
8:03 am
the use of this site for educational purposes. so next year, we have a proposal to put kip bayview academy. it's worth noting that charter school locations do continue to shift around because we have a complex interlocking set of spaces because when you try to solve one community's expansion needs at a school sites, it sets off a reaction at all the other school sites, so that's something that we're trying to manage the best of our resources. that's what we'd like to consider this property as, a resource, and we're doing the best we can to approve the expansion. there are a number of sfusd
8:04 am
schools serving the bayview that want to expand their school sites to provide services to sfusd kids and families. so we are doing our best through a combination of short-term and what i hope are longer term measures to try and get to a place where everyone is getting their needs met. but in this next year, as we're trying to solve for this rubik's cube problem that we have, kip academy, they have several sites, for their growth, what spaces we have available, how sfusd needs to grow, and the pods that have the ten classrooms why it seemed to fit most naturally among several kind of options, none of which were awesome for anyone or perfect matches. we're taking a long-term view on this, and i totally hear the
8:05 am
concerns about transportation, families, trying to make sense of sfusd, investing in a school site, and these conversations are happening system wide across many multiple campuses, and that's what we're trying to balance. so what we're hoping to start is as part of this transaction is a longer term view of thinking about how treasure island, the campus that was in existence in the early 2000s and 90s, we can reach back and get better equilibrium for the service is services as a whole. i think i'd also like to speak
8:06 am
to the fact that we actually -- our campuses, we don't have much in the way of true surplus properties. and in fact, the three properties that we had that kind of seem natural opportunities for development or expansion without significant investment, for an investment have recently been designated by the board of ed as housing sites. so any decisions that we make set off a multi-year decision set of dominos. one of my requirements is to set up a design for sfusd where we'll be able to realize the goals of sfusd at a time rather
8:07 am
than one deal, one school at a time. i hope we can see this as the first step in the lens, but that does not mean as a result of locating the school next year at treasure island, that they will not be there forever. we will continue to recalibrate, and as we continue to think about a public school at treasure island, it's important to note that again, under our existing public school process, any school that opened up at treasure island would not just be for residents that open up on the island, but would be able to draw from all across the city.
8:08 am
and with that, i would turn that back to mr. davis. >> so i'd like to maybe restate my question. just to be clear, what i am asking is -- i'm trying to understand why the school board didn't extend the elementary school -- i don't know how to frame this appropriately, but i'm trying to understand, is it a structural issue with the charter school or is it just simply as you stated, dawn, maybe it's just an issue with logistics or what is -- don, maybe it's just an issue with logistics? >> why we did grant the charter in the first place? >> yeah. >> so we reviewed the findings, and told the board this school did not meet the requirements
8:09 am
of a charter school under the san francisco board of education. >> okay. i'm really sorry to belabor this. i just don't understand, as the school board already determined, it doesn't meet whatever requirements you're reviewing, why we're still trying to place it? >> because there's another requirement that allows a school board to house a charter school that are lawfully authorized to operate within its boundaries. so this charter school is allowed to operate within its boundaries, so the district gave it approval. not because it is a charter school, but it is operating within our boundaries. the state overruled our decision. >> all right. so the succession plan for this charter school, it's basically
8:10 am
for a period of three years. what's the plan after that? is it to locate them somewhere else? >> so as don said, the plan that's before you is the relationship, the agreement between tida and san francisco unified school district. and our hope was the approval of this item, it gives us more school capacity. the agreement between san francisco unified school district and the charter school will be for one year at a time. >> so this is an important clarification for me, at least. am i understanding you correctly that the agreement is exclusively with the school district and the school district has not agreed to place the school, meaning, once we approve this, the school
8:11 am
district could agree to place another school? >> yes. charter schools have an opportunity, however, to accept and decline, and our hope is to use this space to provide some relief on the pressure of existing campuses and hopefully get to an arrangement that overall is better long-term. >> okay. understood. thank you for your responses. bob, i just have a couple of questions about tida -- one last question. it sounds like staff is trying to structure this lease so it is cost neutral to us because we are passing on all the future costs to the school. i just want to make sure we think through this. are there any other costs to executing this lease, like policing or additional, like,
8:12 am
curb side stuff, like passenger loading? what are the other costs to tida if we accept this lease? >> yeah. the lease does include a cam and utility charge, which is meant to address those types of costs. i can ask rich to speak to this a little bit more. but then, the only other budget impact in the report is foregoing the commercial rent that we were getting from the space. but rich? >> yes. in the fiscal year, i believe the delta is 3,000 a month, and then, next year, i believe it's an additional $2,000 a month that we would be foregoing. >> and then maybe just a reminder for the audience that the planning documents for treasure island does provide for an elementary school. just throwing that out there.
8:13 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. miss shifrin. >> i'm supportive of this relationship between tida and sfusd. i think it's great? i understand we're looking at this one transaction, but it has a ripple effect into a lot of other things. so using that rubik's cube analogy, i'm looking at that one side, so looking at attendance, what this existing community is, no matter what, charter school goes in there, it just makes me a little uneasy not understanding what the relationships are. here on this board, we have a much wider purview in building up the success on this island. and i understand you're
8:14 am
presenting on what you're legally bound to do, but the purview is just a little bit wider for us? so just a quick question on the kip school and the bayview because this has come up as a question for us, but not a guaranteed one. is it, like, because the lease had gone up or you asked another and they don't want to? so is it a current problem with the location in the current space? >> so currently, they are in a colocation with malcolm x academy. kip had proposed to start two years ago with 145 students. they ended up with 60 in the first year. they're projecting 100 for this year, and 118 for next year, so they have a need for classroom spaces, but both kip elementary
8:15 am
school and malcom x academy have a need for ancillary supportive spaces for private counseling, for mental and physical health support and things that we provide to schools in impacted neighborhoods. so the proposal would allow kip to go to t.i., to treasure island, have ten classroom spaces right off the bat, when they only need about six or seven, so they would have plenty of space for the ancillary services. and the squeeze would not be put on malcolm x academy to have to either stunt their growth or retrench, and they would still be able to grow their program. >> got it. and then, with the -- when a charter school -- and again, i am just sort of learning here. when the charter school relocates like that, are the growth estimates still
8:16 am
accurate? like, do they still apply -- because treasure island, we have to acknowledge is a unique location than a lot of other areas in the city. it's a little more isolated, not as connected, so i just have to worry about those projections are not quite accurate? >> yeah, there could be an impact. they're not now, but there could be an impact. >> yeah. >> i have a question for rick. if you could tell us the schedule for this. if we were to continue this item, would that impact the schedule? miss -- >> directors, in terms of our schedule, the struggle is we
8:17 am
have to get all of our work done for all of our schools over an intense summer construction season. and we start to the extent there are regulatory reviews and entitlements that we go through. it's important that we begin as soon as possible to be ready for an august opening of schools, right, to give everyone that certainty. so we need -- you know, we're starting. we're going to start moving forward. we've already started, in terms of getting our design team together to start working. so if there is no expectation that we slow down, then, another month is not an issue in and of itself. but we have extended an offer to also a charter school that also needs to make its own decisions within -- and like i said, because of this rip jple
8:18 am
effect, this domino effect, to keep this item open, is going to be detrimental to the decision making process. >> and the district would need to be able to make a final offer on this location by april 1. and so we would have so know that we're offering a space that we can actually deliver. >> well, i do support a relationship with the school district. i think that it's a great thing that we're opening up schools again, and we hope that -- a school is a nez pacessary part the overall community at treasure island, so i would support it. i think there's been questions that have been raised about the kip academy, and i would like to ask miss richardson whether the presentations today have answered your questions on it
8:19 am
and if we could go ahead today to vote on this item or would the board prefer to continue it until issues have been further clarified, so those are the two options before us today, either to act on it today or to continue it for another time. but miss richardson? >> thank you so much, president tsen, for your concentration. the picture here is stunning. this is a disenfranchised community for decades, the bayview of the city and county of san francisco where the residents have tried working with your community. this, what you are presenting, was not granted by the san francisco unified school district, and they appealed to the state, and the state
8:20 am
granted their appeal. there was a question asked by one of my colleagues about traffic, and he deflected that. this is an area unlike any other in san francisco. you are dealing with at risk mothers and kids right now in trauma that are not making it to your system because of this huge disparity that everyone is up in arms. we know in san francisco unified school district that there's some element that are anticharter school. i support a relationship, however, i believe in the bayview, having appeared at the san francisco unified school district with poor mothers, with faith based organizations, with kids, latinos, asians, african americans, coming to the community, telling us that
8:21 am
they like that particular school. we want to stay there. miss dunn, you mentioned something. this is a pilot, and you stated that they're not going to stay there forever. so another two, three years, you're kicking them back. why subject at risk kids that are barely making it in a community to this? that does not seem fair. no wonder the community is up in arms. yes, our decision has ripple effect because it's not merely a relationship. you want to kick them out. if you have a bona fide program for the island, i will support
8:22 am
you, and as i told you before, i am already a long-term supporter for the school district, but i live in the city and county of san francisco where mayor breed has just enacted a program to recognize disproportionately affected communities. that's what the city of san francisco is embarking on because of gentrification and lack of opportunities for certain communities. and you're already going to tell these communities that they're going to have to come down to treasure island now and then kick them out when you're ready with your program. no, this needs to be explored further. >> well, i would like to ask
8:23 am
don whether -- what are the school district's -- what if -- what are kip's options if they decline this site? would you put another school in this -- in this location? >> my concern is i'd have to go back and look at my full board to really understand it. but my concern is we would just be repeating this conversation about another school. this is the nature of, again, the way that -- we don't have a neighborhood school system currently that says you only go to school in your neighborhood, so the transportation impacts are going to be -- the same transportation questions will exist for any other potential charter school.
8:24 am
when we do construction and renovation of existing swing campuses, we have sent people north in the city because our hope is we're going to be able to provide a better experience for everyone longer term. so this is the set of tradeoffs that we engage in as sfusd, period, around our projects and around the placement of charter schoo schools at our campuses. i think the most that we could offer is over a three-year period, we could get to a place -- and for example, we're also talking with mr. rivetti about more pods. we're also trying not to
8:25 am
disrupt your lives too much. so as we figure out the number of pods that can be brought on, we're going to have pretty much good placement. but you're going to have the identical set of questions. i think it's something that the skbrikt is looking at -- schoo looking at. if we decide to look at a new policy, it will trigger a whole new set of questions for traffic and education and programational and educational outcomes. so my question is this is not going to change. if we're questioning sfusd having a relationship with the
8:26 am
tida board now, get familiar with the campus, start to understand from our users, what's been their experience, what can we learn about making a full-time sfusd elementary school site there in the future, that that's really the question, is whether or not to start this relationship, as imperfect as it might be under these current considerations or not, because you're not going to have -- there is not maybe a perfect fit between our existing charter school programs and the spaces that are available to us. they are going to involve very, very similar challenges and conversations. you will be getting calls from those parents, too, as they will be frustrated, as well. so this is just part of, as
8:27 am
we'as -- part of -- as we're thinking through our system, these are part of our aims. and i think what we would like to do is use this opportunity to calibrate the system as a whole in a better direction. >> did you have a comment? >> the only thing i wanted to make mention is this is an interim lease. it's 3.5 years. tida anticipates upon the d.d.a. that upon the 2,500 unit build, that there is plans to develop and rehab the school area. so while we look at this as a program for san francisco unified school district, it's the start of a longer term sort of working relationship between tida and the school district. so that -- i think it's -- >> well, i'd like to say that i think supporting the school district, especially when we have an empty school, is a good thing. i do believe that we need to
8:28 am
provide more schools, and to have a school on treasure island, it's really an important part of the community. there have been questions that have been raised today that we don't quite have the answers for, and i'm just wondering whether it would be best to just continue it for a month so that we can get those questions from staff. it's not the purpose of this board to actually evaluate the school. that's not, you know, our function. that's the school district's function. and -- but what we have to opine on is really that relationship, it's a real estate lease between us and the school district. but since there have been questions that are legitimate about transit, about, you know, the continuity of the use of the space, is there a problem to have it be continued? >> i don't believe there's a problem. i just also wanted to also let
8:29 am
you guys know that currently, tida does have one charter school existing, which is the life learning academy. >> but not in this location. >> but i think if we continued it one month. >> yeah. >> yeah, we would come back in march. the lease commences may 1, so i think that would be okay. >> i think that that would be wise, and then, we can get some of these issues answered by the staff and be more prepared at the next meeting. >> director, it would be helpful to understand when you say one month, when in march this conversation would resume because just as mr. davis cited, we do have an april 1 deadline that we're working against. so if treasure island is going to decline this lease in one month, that would then give us
8:30 am
two weeks to figure out how to recalibrate and juggle all of these offers again. if they're saying we mean two weeks, but it's really four weeks, and that would leave us two weeks, i'm just asking about that, as well. >> i'm just wondering if we can have more discussion about this at the infrastructure meeting and then have it be approved or approved as an sfusd board meeting. >> we could potentially have additional conversation next week. would want to enumerate the questions that you would like to be addressed because i'm not certain what the questions are at this point.
8:31 am
i did want to comment unrelated to that specific question, but i believe all the board members are familiar, but for the viewing audience that may not be, this is a site that was originally owned by the navy. this was a proposed school site, proposed to be a permanent school site. the navy finished its work consistent with the land use and issued an order to transfer, and the state department of toxic census control agreed with the desirability to transfer. the site was closed due to poor enrollment, it was not because students were getting sick, so i just wanted to address those issues. >> okay.
8:32 am
thank you. yes, mr. kwon, do you have further comments? >> yes. first, thank you for this hard work. you know, the amount of work that this took is significant, and a lot of moving parts to this. as someone who raised two girls in sfusd. when the population grows on treasure island, will kids get preferential admission? i know we haven't made a preference, but i spent a lot of time driving my kids across the city. i don't know why, but that's just what happened. i know that kids on treasure island are more isolated, and given the options that focus away from cars, especially parents that have schedule demand. would those kids have preference under sort of a charter agreement? i'm not familiar with what the rules are under that context?
8:33 am
>> so you're saying under a charter agreement, would the island residents have a preference for attending the charter school or any district school that happens to be there? >> a charter school on treasure island. >> so the preferences for this specific charter school are outlined in their petition that approved by the state board of education, and i'm sorry, i don't have the details of the preference with me or on the top of my head, but i would assume that since this -- under its current petition term, it would not have a preference for residents of treasure island because it was not initially proposed to be on treasure island, if that makes sense. >> okay. got it. >> but that could change under a renewal of the charter. >> all right. so noted.
8:34 am
thank you. >> i think that there have been some questions raised, certainly about the travel on treasure island, about the availability, about the schools that may be opposed to that site. those are the ones that have come. i think it would be best for us to continue this until next month and then take the vote at that time. >> so i make a motion for march. >> to continue to march? >> yes. >> okay. do we need to take a motion? >> i already did. >> okay. i don't know if we need a motion -- yeah, second, but it has been proposed and seconded. all those in favor, say aye.
8:35 am
opposed? it will be continued until next month. next item, please. >> item number 8, ferry planning update. >> madam chair, directors, eric cordoba. very happy to update you on the ferry planning efforts. we have some positive news that we want to go ahead and relay to you and to the audience. i want to go ahead and just talk about the goals of the island mobility incentivizing transit, walking, biking, discourage the use of private cars, and also supporting the ability for low-income families. we're trying to meet the goal of 50% mode share, 50% walking
8:36 am
and biking versus private vehicles. the illustration before you shows the planned shuttle, which includes a ferry, which is the purpose of this presentation. it also shows increased bus service to treasure island. as you know right now, the ferry infrastructure is under construction by the development team. significant investment, watersite improvements, gangway, water float, etc. right now, the plan is for this to be completed by 2021. we're leveraging this and using that for funding for the entire ferry service effort. i'm just using this in terms of
8:37 am
graphics. a bird's eye view of the ferry site itself, the plaza, and what's undergoing repair itself, the gang way. the transportation authority is in the midst of developing what we're calling the yerba buena bike and ride share project. we think that going ahead and working with organizations, bringing this all the way down to the ferry terminal on the island. i plan to come back to this board with some concept element
8:38 am
plans for view here in the spring of 2020. talk a little bit about the initial ferry service itself. where we're landing the initial service is about to be weekday, peak period, to meet the peak demand. service level's dependant on the available revenues. revenues themselves are developer subsidy, any pricing, and federal grants. we're landing smaller vessels to the tune of 99 passengers because the run to san francisco is very fast, very short. it looks something to the extent of -- you know, the run is about ten minutes. then, loading and unloading passengers, five or ten minutes, you're talking about
8:39 am
20 or 30 minutes each run. we're very happy to report that our goal really here is to have clean electric ferry service launched by the middle of 2023. we actually have partnered with weda, water education development authority, to have a partnership by december 31. our goal here, service planning, next steps, is to pursue additional funding anywhere and everywhere we can. we've had discussions with the bay area toll authority and with weda as it relates to rm-3 money, the toll bridge. we want to continue our conversations with weda in
8:40 am
terms of a toll view and experiments and things moving forward. we will in the next six month finalize what i would call initial service plans and then after that, in the next six months, enter into program fundi funding. and that concludes my presentation. >> thank you so much for the ferry service update, and what was planned, and when it might actually happened. i just wanted to say i'm very excited for the bike connection to the ferry, that it will complete the loop that somebody could actually then go all the way from marin, or from the east bay, come down to yerba buena island and onto treasure island, make a loop around the wonderful bike pathways that we're building, and then connect to the ferry and get to san francisco and then around
8:41 am
again, so it's a wonderful connection to have. and hopefully, that will be available to us sooner rather than later. >> it's a unique opportunity. you know, with the advent of electric bikes, it's really changing the feasibility of going from point a to point b in a much faster way. we're going ahead and looking forward to incorporating that as part of the planning efforts here. >> any other comments? >> through the chair. >> mr. kwon. >> is there going to be jump bikes all over the island? >> yes, that's the plan. we're looking at strategic locations in terms of where they should be. we're working towards that here in terms of our planning efforts. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> yes? >> quick question. so as a lifetime bicycle rider, now that i'm older, i have
8:42 am
succumbed and bought an electric bike. and i know that golden gate ferry doesn't allow electric bikes on the ferry. would this ferry be different in that way? >> well, we've had discussions related to that. we think it's an important feature that we want to go ahead and work towards, so we're working towards that goal. >> i'm glad to hear that. >> okay. is there any public comment? hearing none. okay. next item -- thank you very much. >> thank you. >> item 9, initial premarketing opportunity for existing residents. >> thank you, directors, chair tsen. while kate's setting that up, i'll go through a little information on the initial premarketing opportunity that's coming up. representatives from the vertical development team are
8:43 am
also here to answer questions should you have any questions of -- of them on this upcoming opportunity. so the -- the premarketing opportunity that we're -- is -- that we're about to make available for existing residents was set forward in the housing plan and the disposition development plan, providing a transition for existing households, which is defined as those that were in residence provide to 2011 to make an offer to purchase a new unit prior to units being offered to the general public. each vertical developer is provided to have an opportunity for their premarket rate project of not less than 30
8:44 am
days. the plan goes into more detail and says that the premarketing opportunity is available to, again, pre-d.d.a. households that continue to reside on the island as well as households that over the year have accepted an in-lieu payment and left the island, so our contact list includes not just current households, but those that have previously taken an in-lieu offer. and the thr&rs also provide financial down payment assistance to transitioning households. the households are required to -- it's their responsibility to request to be on the mailing list, and make sure that their address is current, although we
8:45 am
do work extensively to make sure that we have anyone who may be interested on the list. and tida, through our consultant t.i. advisors will be maintaining the premarketing list and issuing the premarketing notice, which pursuant to the thr&rs is to be dribt dri be distributed via e-mail. we'll field responses from the interested households, and this premarketing program is intended to continue for a period of seven years per the transitional housing rules and regulations. and in december, at your december meeting, the board acted to amend the thr&r to extend this premarketing opportunity also to the post-d.d.a. residents. so as i mentioned earlier,
8:46 am
notice was sent to those households following the december meeting, and t.i. advisors have been fielding inquiries to those interested and adding them to the premarketing notice list. the -- also -- because this was a 30-day window, t.i. has been contacting them, reaching out via e-mail to let them know this was approaching, as well as the door hanger on the notice here was distributed to each unit. in terms of our first premarketing opportunity, again, it's on y.b.i., and it's what's being marketed as the bristol. it's a 124-unit condominium building, midrise, six levels,
8:47 am
kind of above the westbound ramps on the east side of yerba buena island. the project has been in construction and see -- and is expected to be completed by 2021. like all y.b.i. residents, residents of the bristol will have access to the island club, which will have additional amenities for the yerba buena residences. most of the yerba buena residences are flats and townhomes, and so the club is kind of the central amenities facility for all those flats and townhomes. this is a rendering of the
8:48 am
bristol, and an image of the cord yard. this initial offering that will be in the initial premarketing notice will include 18 units, from studios, up to three bedrooms, from prices ranging from 800,000 to 3.1 million. although there are 18 units included in this premarketing notice, eligible residents may require about any unit in the building, so they're not limited to these first 18 units. just giving you a sense of the distribution of them through the building. go through the bristol floor by floor, and on these slides, the
8:49 am
cream colored condominiums are the planned inclusionary affordable units provided in the initial offering, and on the second floor, third floor, fourth floor, and the fifth floor. there's also a vee few units up on the sixth floor, but none of those are in the current offering. so in terms of the premarketing offers, interest residents should contact the yerba buena island sales team working on behalf of the developer, and the contact information there will be included in the premarketing notice, and if an offer is made an accepted, buyers will be asked to enter into purchases, telling them to put down a 5% deposit before
8:50 am
the units are completed in the fall of 2021. we are working with t.d.c. and the vertical developer to finalize that notice and then it's getting reproduced with the expectation of issuing it at the end of this week, with the window proposed to run from february 20 to march 21. and you know, residents are able to make offers during that premarketing window or once they're available to the general public, to continue to make offers following the window closure. the vertical developer will periodically lease additional groups of units for sale to the
8:51 am
general public. and then following this project, the next premarketing opportunity, which will be for a selection of y.b.i. townhomes and flats, is expected to come later this spring. so this will start the -- hopefully a fairly regular occurrence. >> thank you. we're looking forward to the affordable housing, which will be right after this with the swords to plow share and ccdc project. in all, we're trying to build a mixed income, affordable units.
8:52 am
so i hope that those that are able will respond and get themselves onto the premarketing list, yeah. so -- >> and i just would add that as we mentioned, the march meeting is on island, and we've invited the sales team to have a table at our post reception before the meeting. >> all right. next item, please. >> item number 10, in-fill infrastructure grant application. >> thank you, directors and members of the board. i wanted to update you on a grant application that we've been working on, and this is an action item, approving the filing of the application.
8:53 am
the infill infrastructure grant program supports the construction of in-fill infrastructure around high density in-fill projects. infrastructure work must be completed within five years of the date of award of the grant and if awarded, for the city to assume joint and several liability for the completion of the projects under the terms of the grant awarded under the program. there's two ways to award this project, as a qualifying in-fill project or a qualifying
8:54 am
in-fill area, and we're aplayi applying as an in-fill area. the lead project is the maseo may swords to plow shares building. the infrastructure scope will be funded by the grant application, for us, is the improvement of hillcrest road on the southern side of yerba buena island. under the terms of the program, the board of supervisors authorization to apply for the grant is required as a condition of application, and we did -- were successful in getting board of supervisors approval in january to apply, along with four mohcd applications that were taken to the board of supervisors.
8:55 am
so for our application, we're dividing our qualifying in-fill area as the major phase one area as indicated on the map, and the six projects that we're identifying as our qualifying in-fill projects of the six are shaded in the turquoise green on the western side of the island. those include the mercy -- the maseo may and mercy catholic charities building and three rental properties being developed by ticd and one permanent property being developed by ticd. with these six projects, we would qualify for the maximum under the grant program. >> which is -- >> $30 million. and then, the project that
8:56 am
we're proposing to qualify for is the widening of hillcrest road on the southern side of yerba buena island indicated in gold on the right-hand side. this kind of shows the road way network and the many projects being used to improve the road way network. makalla road is under reconstruction now by the developer, treasure island community development. the south gate-hillcrest interchan interchange with eastbound i-80 is to be constructed with the authority, and we are receiving
8:57 am
bid projects. and then, the transportation authority beginning in 2022 will undertake the construction of the west side bridges on the far side of yerba buena island. ma cal aerials or images of the south gate-hillcrest interchange that the transportation authority has received bids for, and the west side bridges that they will be reconstructing. in terms of our project, about half of the cost of construction under our project
8:58 am
will be retaining walls to allow us to widen the right-of-way. and then, the other half would actually be the right-of-way improvements. because the southern slope of yerba buena island is fairly steep, we have to cut in to those and build some expensive retaining walls to build more ground space. all traffic other than muni buses that is leaving the island will have to traverse this portion of hillcrest road. the existing on ramp on the west side of yerba buena island will be a muni only on ramp in the future, so anybody heading to the eastbound or westbound ramps of hillcrest will traverse that. because that will be subject to ramp metering during peak
8:59 am
hours, this will allow us to provide a transit only buses headed to the eastbound on ramps, so they won't get caught up in that cueing traffic as well as to allow us to enhance the bicycle and pedestrian improvements along this alignment. and then finally, by widening the road way, it'll facilitate the connection between the eastern span bike path and a potential west span bike path in the future, so it delivers a number of benefits to us. but as i said, we're working to finalize the transportation, and staff has been providing us both the scoping and cost estimates, and we would expect to partner them on the delivery. tida would be going in as the
9:00 am
sole applicant. >> okay. so this is an action item before the board, but before i do that, could i have any public comment? okay. hearing none, it's before the board. i think that it's great that you're applying for this money. it's state money, and the more that we can actually get to help improve the infrastructure on the island is only a good thing for us. so before the board, could i have a resolution to authorize. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. all those in favor? opposed? the ayes have it. next item, please. >> item number 11, fiscal year 20-21 budget update. >> thank you, board members. we're frantically working to update our budget for next year and to submit our preliminary budget to the mayor's office in the weeks ahead.
9:01 am
we do have a substantially -- answer a number of questions in our budget and distributed to you via e-mail yesterday. draft budget document for next year, but want to start with a comment on current fiscal year. we're going to -- our revenues will be slightly under projections. the commercial revenues are tracking on forecast and may actually slightly exceed the budgeted figures, but our residential incomes will be slightly below targets, and i think our gross revenue will be just slightly less than what's budgeted in our budget for this year. our total expenditures will be within budget, but as expected, when we prepared this year's budget, our total expenditures will exceed our total leasing revenues, and consistent with the terms of the d.d.a., we are
9:02 am
expecting ticd to be responsible for supplementing our revenues in our expenditures and revenues, although it will be less than the $4.3 million that it was estimated to be in our original budget. for next fiscal year, our budget at this point is a -- projects total expenditures of $22.2 million, which will be an increase of $4.7 million over the current fiscal year budget. almost all of that changes within the development related line items of our budget for agency and consultant services, which account for 50% of our total budget. that doesn't include tida staff that are working on development
9:03 am
items. those are included in our personnel and administration component of our budget, but 50% of our budget is directly for services with outside parties or city agencies that are supporting development efforts. on the -- the -- we're projecting our revenues to be stable, but a couple of caveats on that. we will be adjusting our leasing revenue dougherty slightly to reflect performance over the last couple of years, and we are working with ticd, as i mentioned during my director's report, to plan for the demolition and utility relocations and other things as we begin the subphase three
9:04 am
work. and with that, we will be assessing if any of our commercial leasing properties will be affected. the payments from ticd based on this additional budget are up to $7.5 million to help us balance revenues next year. and that excludes the reimbursements for art fees, parking fees, and job subsidy payments that will also be coming from ticd. in terms of the items that makeup that increased -- that budget increase, right now, we have $2.2 million as our preliminary figure for the arts program funding.
9:05 am
the arts commission has entered into contract with the first artist to install in hilltop park, and they'll be moving into fabrication this year, so a significant expense will be going towards that park project as well as anticipating additional recruitments for other sites and hopefully getting some of those sites into contract in the next year. and then, we have two additional positions that we have proposed -- or are proposing to the mayor's office for additional tida staffing. they're adding three full-time positions to the work order as well as an increase in professional services support from third-party contractors to support development activities. there is a small item in our budget, $90,000, for the
9:06 am
maintenance of new open spaces. we expect some of the stormwater gardens on yerba buena island will be completed prior to the year's end as well as potentially the improvements to access the beach on yerba buena island clipper cove. so this is -- when those come on-line, wie budget them separately from our parks reimbursement. we maintain in this year's budget all of our community serving programs primarily with the support of one treasure island and their operation of the ship shape, the food
9:07 am
pantry, the community center, and others, the ymca operation of the gym, which is free to island residents. it's free for island youth to participate in the boys and girls club camp mendocino program. we also, through the ymca, operate after school and on island summer youth programs. we support catholic charities center on the island as well as the public health department's on-island clinic, and the number of the residential neighborhood projects that we've put forward in the last several years.
9:08 am
in terms of our next steps, we expect to submit the draft budget to the mayor's office by the end of next week. this year, the -- [inaudible] >> -- for public review prior to the submission to the board of supervisors. but we will come back to tida in april for review of the final budget before the mayor submits it to the board of supervisors on may 1, and then in may and june, the board of supervisors will be having hearings prior to the adoption of the fiscal year 20-21 budget, but i'm happy to take any questions that you have. >> any questions? the end of next week is ucomin up soon, so i would just urge the board members to look at that budget and submit any
9:09 am
questions or revisions to bob or myself, and if it needs further discussion, that we'll have the opportunity to do that. okay. >> okay. thank you for that presentation. i'm glad in your budget, you do have some provisions for adding tida staff. i think that is very much needed. i think this year and moving forward. it is going to be a very daunting task. let me segue to the community servicing program support. this action is really one of my best because this is where, as you know, we're telling the public that are listening, we continue on tida to enhance the
9:10 am
quality of life for the people on that island through the partnership with one treasure island, and we care about that. and in fact, we need to talk more and more about this because you mentioned earlier in your presentation about the workforce training that now is in session. ours has to become the flagship, the poster child in the city, and what are we doing here? we're not only developing -- you know, like i said, we have the expertise to develop the island based on the caliber of the people sitting here, but we also need to make sure we're implementing equity. we're also presenting opportunity for people on treasure island that are at risk. i'm just going down the sheet, the ship shape, and the full pantry. i presume that the workforce is included in there also, right? >> yeah. we -- it is included on that
9:11 am
slide at the bottom. i said these programs exceed $1 million annually. that doesn't include the training program. we support the training program up to $1 million. our budget next year is $1 million, and that sponsors one round of the training project as well as abatement. >> yeah. it's going to be posted in the e-mail, so they know that we're supporting all the passage of everything that we're doing because that's significant. okay. and the 4.4 million -- i've said it here, out of $2.2 billion budget is still tiny. what we're doing here -- because i know a lot of agencies are in san francisco, our counterpart. we are doing a lot here, and we are actually developing this from the ground. i expect -- and i will be
9:12 am
giving my recommendations about some things here, that we can justify. good question here. island cleaning services, a-- services, is d.p.h. providing that? that budget -- i'm sure we can use that many, and earmarked was other stuff. i just wanted to put that in there. >> okay. thank you. thank you, miss richardson. miss shifrin? >> just a quick question. on reviewing the documents that you have sent out, i'm just wondering which was fixed? like, the art fee, that was, like, around $2 million. are these items that the commission already agreed to? >> the first piece, the arts commission has entered into
9:13 am
contract for. the total value for design and delivery and installing of the piece is 2.2 million. i believe there's a portion for billing of that. i believe a portion is for arts commission staff on a reimbursement basis for their staff time in the management of that contract as well as in preparing additional art opportunities for solicitation. there's a portion of that for artist -- not fees, by stipends in the preparation of submissions. so the 2.2 contains some obligated costs and some costs to be incurred based on the projected pace of the rollout of the program.
9:14 am
>> got it, yeah. i might just follow up with some additional questions because i couldn't tell what was committed and what was an additional ask. >> yeah. >> and then, i wanted to make sure that i understand the ticd up to 5.7 million. how does that work in terms of ticd and what they're obligated to do versus the request? >> so there are, i believe, four ticd reimbursements that are in the revenue projections for next year. one of those is the one treasure island job broker program, which is $500,000. that's the fixed obligation that is a pass through from ticd to our books to one treasure island to help staff their efforts to identify candidates for the construction projects that are ongoing on
9:15 am
the island, so that's a direct d.d.a. obligation and pass through. the other three items are the arts fee, the open space maintenance subsidy, and the -- and then, the balancing, you if will, item. so under the d.d.a. that we have with the developer, for many years, tida has operated commercial and residential leasing programs on the island. and historically, through the project, our revenues exceeded our expenses. so during that phase, we reimbursed other city agencies for their development related expenses. so if the p.u.c. was reviewing plan sets, we paid for that out of commercial leasing revenues on the island.
9:16 am
and at the end of the year, any surplus revenues went into a fund, a reserve fund. so up through 2015, we had generated a reserve fund of excess revenues from prior fiscal years. and then as development really began to gear up, and with the submission of the subphase application -- major phase subphase applications, construction documents for review, mapping activities, our -- the costs of other city agencies that we were helping to support reached a point where they were exceeding our revenues. and at that point, we began drawing against those prior year fund balance. we reached a point where in this fiscal year, we will fully exhaust that fund balance. so under the d.d.a., on other
9:17 am
programs, the developer would have been reimbursing the programs because those other agencies don't have the funds that we do. we're still contracting with those city agencies to provide support services to the program, and the developer's obligated to balance our revenues at year end. so at year end, we will look at what are the total expenditures on the arts program. next fiscal year, not this current fiscal year, but next fiscal year and in future fiscal year as we have parks
9:18 am
and open spaces, we will provide them as part of that year-end closeout, an accounting of expenses related to the maintenance and operation of those new parks and open spaces, and they will support that. as you know, parks operation and maintenance are to be funded through the community facilities district. but as the community facilities district is developing capacity, the early years, the developer is required to support the development and maintenance of the parks. so the reimbursement specific to the arts program and
9:19 am
reimbursement specific to the open space maintenance, the third program required from the developer is a budget balancing one. so we will prepare for them a balance that they owe us to balance current fiscal year revenues. >> thank you. thank you very much. so this is an informational item. >> yes. >> there's no action that is required. and are there comments from the public? so next item, please. >> item number 12, parks code planning. >> so this is just a -- real briefly, i had hoped to have the code ready for distribution to the board today, but i just wanted to give you an update. we have been working with the city attorney's office to draft a treasure island specific
9:20 am
section of the ad stiministrat code to address our specific open space and -- programs and issues similar to the court code that we've discussed in the past. tida staff have met with port and recreation and parks staff to describe their respective words in real world applications and i've worked with the city attorney's office to draft code, and we're finding the last few items on those over the last week or so. and our next steps are to finalize that draft code and then meet with mayor's office staff and supervisor haney's office to repair it and then posting it for public comment.
9:21 am
we anticipate hosting public meetings or workshops to solicit input on the parks code and the park system and then to revise it as appropriate based on that feedback with the expectation of adopting code or ordinance with the supervisors next fall and having the adoption finalized by the end of 2020. again, as i mentioned, the first new park improvements are expected to be dedicated in 2021 with the beach park at the end of next fiscal year. so that's a snapshot update, but expect to be releasing that -- have it ready for issuance before our march on-island meeting. >> i think it's good to have it
9:22 am
released before so the board has an opportunity to comment on. >> as soon as i meet with the mayor's office and supervisor haney's office, i'll distribute it to you, as well. >> is there any comment on that? any public comment on this? item 13, please. >> discussion of future agenda items by directors. >> are there any? next item. >> item 14, possible closed session to confer with legal counsel. >> actually, do we adjourn this meeting and then open up for closed session or is this part of this meeting? >> yeah, we -- we move into closed session, and then, we'll -- >> come back -- >> empty the room, come back. we'll have any report out, if any, on the closed session, and then we'll adjourn. >> okay. so we will enter closed session, and members of the public will have to leave, but
9:23 am
thank you for attending as we hear from -- can is. >> maybe not pertaining to thi this --
9:24 am
so it was easy at that point to turn to the city attorney and ask, but since in recent years, there hasn't been a lot of, i guess, need, to have a city attorney present. i do think that would be very important, but i just wanted to make that public comment at -- for the record. thank you. >> thank you so much for that. we'll enter into closed
9:25 am
session -- >> we will vote whether to enter into closed session. >> okay. so we will vote. may i have a motion and second to g >> vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussions held in closed session. >> so we will have a vote as to whether to disclose any or all discussions held in closed session. can i have a motion and a second? [inaudible] >> and a second. >> all those in favor? the ayes have it, and there
9:26 am
will be no disclose of the discussion in closed session. >> so then, meeting is adjourned. >> meeting is adjourned. thank you very much, colleagues. - working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic city that's on the forefront of economic growth, the arts, and social change. our city has always been on the edge of progress and innovation. after all, we're at the meeting of land and sea. - our city is famous for its iconic scenery, historic designs, and world-class style. it's the birthplace of blue jeans, and where "the rock" holds court over the largest natural harbor
9:27 am
on the west coast. - our 28,000 city and county employees play an important role in making san francisco what it is today. - we provide residents and visitors with a wide array of services, such as improving city streets and parks, keeping communities safe, and driving buses and cable cars. - our employees enjoy competitive salaries, as well as generous benefits programs. but most importantly, working for the city and county of san francisco gives employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas, energy, and commitment to shape the city's future. - thank you for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco. >> self-planning works to preserve and enhance the city
9:28 am
what kind hispanic the environment in a variety of ways overhead plans to fwied other departments to open space and land use an urban design and a variety of other matters related to the physical urban environment planning projects include implementing code change or designing plaza or parks projects can be broad as proipd on overhead neighborhood planning effort typically include public involvement depending on the subject a new lot or effect or be active in the final process lots of people are troubled by they're moving loss of they're of what we preserve to be they're moving mid block or rear
9:29 am
yard open space. >> one way to be involved attend a meeting to go it gives us and the neighbors to learn and participate dribble in future improvements meetings often take the form of open houses or focus groups or other stinks that allows you or your neighbors to provide feedback and ask questions the best way to insure you'll be alerted the community meetings sign up for the notification on the website by signing up using you'll receive the notifications of existing request the specific neighborhood or project type if you're language is a disability accomodation please call us 72 hours before the event over the events staff will receive the input and publish the results on
9:30 am
the website the notifications bans feedback from the public for example, the feedback you provide may change how a street corridors looks at or the web policy the get started in planning for our neighborhood or learner more mr. the upcoming visit the plans and programs package of our we are talking about with our feedback and participation that is important to us not everyone takes this so be proud of taking ann >> please rise for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god with liberty and justice for all.